WallWizz - Android & iOS Apps


WallWizz is the brainchild of Michael, who is a self-employed programmer & IT consultant living in and traveling between Spain, Germany, and the US. He is a huge fan of mobile apps in general.

From gaming or utility to productivity apps, he is buying and testing apps on a regular basis.

Apps can completely transform the way you go about your daily life, and  are quite literally, the best thing since the invention of sliced bread. 

Just ten years ago, using apps was a thing for “geeks”, nowadays the whole globe uses apps on a daily basis. There are apps for any- and everything, which is why it can be important to use the best tool for a job available.

Back in the day, we all used to write our shopping lists on a piece of paper, and the term envelope budgeting was coined because people used real labelled envelopes with cash in it, to plan their budget. Today these are two prime examples of how apps can transform your life and make your day longer, by not having to spend hours on simple tasks and more time for things that are important.

Nothing is more annoying than spending money on an app, and it turns out to be a dud.

WallWizz’s mission is to help you find the right app for whatever task you need solved.

If it’s a paid app, we buy it so you don’t have to. We’ll deliver in-depth reviews with plenty of screenshots and explanations around functionality, so you can get a good look at how an app works before you buy it.