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Geometry Dash

Did somebody say Jump n’ Run? I’m in.

These type of games are by definition, classics. I still remember playing classics like “Giana Sisters” on my Amiga when I was young.

Giana Sisters was quite literally a spoof of the original Super Mario Bros.

I grew up with Jump n’ Run games, and still love playing this genre until today.

Geometry Dash Review

Geometry Dash fits right in there. Although you could call it a Jump n’ Fly 🙂 

Geometry Dash is an addicting rhythm-based platform game which will leave you coming back for more again and again. The game is simple enough; dash from one end of the screen to the next as a customizable geometric avatar without hitting any of the spikes or obstacles in the way.

But don’t think that “simple enough” literally means “easy”. Quite the contrary actually. Geometry Dash is one hell of a hard game, mostly because it is fast, very, very fast. So if you’re someone who gives up easily, you will probably become frustrated quickly.

As you progress in Geometry Dash, you will have the opportunity to collect rare items to customize the look of your avatar. Although there are ways to customize your character in the game and different things you can choose from, you’ll never have to worry about in-game purchases to get the loot you want.

Customize Your Character

There are hundreds of ways to make your geometric figure look the way you want when you download Geometry Dash. As you make your way through the levels of the game, you will receive different items and colors to choose from to make your avatar more unique to you.

It might seem a bit strange to customize an avatar that is mostly just a shape, but you would be surprised what the developers came up with for Geometry Dash! There are bright, vibrant colors to make your block, faces you can put on, different forms for your avatar to take, the possibilities are seemingly endless!

Create Your Own Obstacle Course

Challenge your friends to see if they have what it takes to make it through a course created by you! There is a mode in the game in which you can enter to create a challenging dash for you and your friends to engage. If you think you have a better map to build for the game after downloading Geometry Dash, then head to the sandbox feature to see what you can come up with, then challenge your friends to try!

Upbeat Soundtrack

The soundtrack on Geometry Dash is perfect for the obstacles you face. With a platform jumper like this one, each move you make follows along to the beat of the music. If you listen carefully, and time your jumps right, you will be able to maneuver through each level with ease. But, be careful, your avatar is fast, and the music moves just as quickly so you will have to stay sharp.

The best part about the music for Geometry Dash is the variety. You don’t have to suffer listening to the same mundane tune over and over. Each level has it’s own music to move to which will keep you entertained for as long as you want!


Geometry Dash doesn’t have any negative qualities to find. The app is a mere $1.99 to purchase, which means you won’t be bombarded by apps or requests for money for subscriptions or items. One of the most frustrating things about playing a game you really enjoy is being constantly interrupted by ads; so, it is refreshing that Geometry Dash has omitted them.

The sandbox style feature is really innovative as well. Usually, with mobile games, there isn’t much of a creative element when it comes to gamers building their own levels, but with Geometry Dash, you can create all you want!

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable game for your phone or tablet that will keep you entertained for hours, then head to the play store and purchase Geometry Dash!

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Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash
Developer: RobTop Games
Price: $0.99
Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash
Developer: RobTop Games AB
Price: $1.99
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