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If you’ve ever been to Paris, or at the very least watched any documentary about the city. You’ll know about the artist district, Montmartre.

It’s located very close to the Eiffel Tower, on a 130 m (430 ft) hill.

This location is famous for the street artists sitting there every hour of every day, creating paintings and drawings of tourists passing by.

These are the type of artsy images you can create upon downloading the Inkwork app.

Inkwork allows you to take any picture, and transform it into a work of digital art, with a classic look & feel.

The app isn’t just scanning your picture and you have to live with the result,  there are plenty of filters and art styles that allow you to get really creative.

Let’s see the kind of art we can create using Inkwork.

How To Use Inkwork

After installing Inkwork, and giving permission to the app to access your photos, the Gallery is the first screen you’ll see.

Inkwork’s Gallery has a nifty little feature that categorizes your pictures automatically by the name of the app they are associated with. Then also uses your Photos app categories for a really complete overview, which is really convenient if you are looking for a particular image.

So, you have two options to select images, either from the gallery directly, which is pretty much structured like your camera roll, or from the category menu.

For the latter, just tap on the menu at the top of your screen labelled “All Photos” to bring up the categories screen.

Creating Artsy Digital Drawings

Now you have to select a picture you’d like to turn into a work of art, by tapping on it once.

This will bring up the detail menu, with all the necessary controls a good digital artist needs. Your selected picture will automatically be turned into a drawing, based on the last selected style.

The Drawing Palette

Here you can choose colors for your drawing, for each drawing you create you can choose A: the color of the painting, and B: the paper color.

If needed  you can also crop or rotate your picture as well as pick from different pre-configured drawing styles.

Such as:

  • Comic Style
  • Thin Style
  • Abstract Style
  • Bold Style
  • Wash Style
  • Graphic Style
  • Loose Style
  • Hatch Style
  • Minimal Style
  • Scribble Style
  • Flow Style
  • Rough Style
  • Outline Style
  • Drip Style
  • Experimental Style

Check out a couple of examples I made with Inkwork.

Hang Your Own Art

Inkwork has an integrated shopping cart that let’s you order any of your final works of art, as either Poster, Framed or Canvas.

Depending on your selection you can then select different types of sizes and frames.

This a pretty cool addition, the prices seem reasonable but it seems kind of off in an app that you need to buy already.

Still, I would most likely use it at least once if I manage to produce something outstanding with the app.

Share Your Art

Whenever you feel your new masterpiece is ready, you can then use the in-app share function to either save it directly to your device, post it to your favorite social network, email it or send it in instant messenger.

So it’s a perfect tool to create awesome looking Instagram posts for example.

Art Camera

Instead of selecting pre-existing pictures from your gallery, you can also use the built-in camera feature.

These pictures are not saved directly in your camera roll, but exist only in the app, until of course you choose to save them to your device.

Inkwork Examples

Check out the examples I made with Inkwork.

Some can actually be considered pretty good (By my own standards, which might be considerably lower than your own).

Also, some do look creepy as I had the great idea to use a childhood picture of myself, and then realized that it could be horror movie material 🙂

That’s when I started to use landscape pictures I’ve taken on trips.

After this point, we’re slowly arriving at creepy.

Ummm, yeah let’s switch to Landscapes, shall we? 🙂

The landscape versions turned out much better imho.

Those were taken in Toronto, ON Canada, and Hamburg, Germany:

As you can see, there are some decent outcomes to be achieved with the app. And I have not really customized any of those, it’s pretty much what the app already does on it’s own.

If you’re a really creative person, I’m sure you could get much better results.


Inkwork is a nice little app, that can turn almost any picture in a small work of art.

With some experience you can create really fantastic looking drawings, and if you really love one of your creations even order it as poster or framed canvas to hang in your home.

Inkwork can only create one type of image manipulation, but that it does really well.

One of the only drawbacks is the limited level of possible customizations. What I’m missing for example is an option to give your drawing finishing touches with your finger. That would give drawings a truly personal touch.

Another thing that some people might dislike, is the fact that the developer charges $2.99 upfront, and then offers in-app purchases of posters etc.

But I can assure you, this is not done in an aggressive manner at all, you never feel forced to purchase anything and it is simply offered as a service integration. That, and the app has absolutely no ads in it.

Let’s let the Developer make some money for a job well done I’d say.

I can definitely recommend Inkwork and even though I probably won’t use it all the time, I’m sure I will find enough occasions where creating a drawing like this will come in handy. For example as a creative birthday gift!

Download Inkwork on iTunes

Developer: Code Organa
Price: $2.99
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