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Poly Bridge

I’ve always been into simulation games. My favorite has been Sid Meyer’s Civilization in multi-player modus.

Me and my buddies used to have days long matches trying to wipe out each others Civilization. 🙂

Poly Bridge, is a different kind of simulation game. To be honest I haven’t come across a game like this before, but I don’t mean that in a negative way, at all.

It’s a mix of puzzle game and bridge building simulation, with great physics.

Poly Bridge doesn’t have a multi-player, but I think that would also not make sense for this game. You can play solo in campaign mode, or sandbox mode.

In sandbox mode, all you start with is actually a blue background, and you can build your own complete map, including events, from scratch.

Poly Bridge is all about building bridges, that are steady enough to bring different vehicles across. For some bridges you have to anticipate “Events”.

An event could for example be a ship crossing the same river, that you build the bridge over, so you have to build a draw bridge.

Poly Bridge Review

Poly Bridge is an adorable bridge building simulator with massive creative potential. The graphics are cute and simple without the colors being too bold or cartoonish.

If you ever played with hot wheels as a kid, you will probably enjoy Poly Bridge. When you download Poly Bridge onto your device, you are installing a basic engineering app for building a bridge. You will have to solve the problem of how to get vehicles from one side of a body of water to the other without failure. The game gives you all the tools you need to construct a satisfactory bridge no matter what terrain you have to deal with.

Use Your Creativity

The best feature of Poly Bridge is you don’t have to worry about being perfect. There are no concrete rules you have to follow when building your bridge unless the specified challenge has a direct task they need you to complete. Because of the leniency of the game, there are endless possibilities for creating a bridge. They can be multi-level, twisty, high, low, or any other form you can dream up!

Keeping The Challenge Alive

Though you can get very creative when playing Poly Bridge, you also have to keep in mind the criteria for each round. There are some cases in which your bridge will need to rise or part for a ship to pass through. Or perhaps you have three different vehicles going to three separate roads from the same starting point.

You will have to use your wits to imagine how you will use the parts available to get each car to their correct destination.
With the increasing challenges in Poly Bridge, you will not get bored any time soon. When you download Poly Bridge onto your phone or tablet, you will instantly lose yourself in the challenge of building various bridges.

Sandbox Mode

Any good creativity based game should have a feature that allows you to practice your craft before it counts. In this way, Poly Bridge rises to the occasion to bring you the sandbox mode.

Sandbox Mode allows gamers to enter a blue-print-like screen which will let you play around with the different tools and bridge attachments. Being able to play around with the features of the building mechanics enables you to get the upper hand on the game by practicing your skills before getting into a match.

If you merely want to see how crazy of a bridge you can make, or you want to figure out a level that has you stumped, sandbox mode will end up being your favorite part of the game.


All in all, Poly Bridge is an aspiring engineers dream. If you have always had an affinity for train sets, lego’s or matchbox cars, you will surely love Poly Bridge.

This is a game that would also be beneficial for kids who are interested in learning more about mechanics and engineering. If you have a little one that loves building things or taking things apart to see how they work, this might be the app to keep them busy, and a little less destructive too!

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Poly Bridge
Poly Bridge
Developer: Dry Cactus Limited
Price: $0.99
Poly Bridge
Poly Bridge
Developer: Dry Cactus
Price: $4.99
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