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Starz TV Series & Movies On Demand

Starz is a fantastic television network showing some of the best movies and programs out there. You can now watch Starz on your mobile device. This is a great service and a move in the right direction; being able to watch on demand anywhere you go is a terrific addition to your busy life.

Unlimited Uses

So far, I have used Starz on my mobile device while working out and riding in Uber during a heavy traffic jam. The programs such as Power and American Gods are amazing shows full of drama and action. On my Amazon Fire Stick, Starz is one of my top choices for movie delivery. The network has the best programming I’ve seen in a long time. It’s fun to watch and the fact it’s on your mobile device makes the watching only better.

Free Trial

You can download the Starz app and watch it for free for 7 days. The trial then ends and will bill without warning you, so be careful if you find you don’t want the service. This is common practice as most networks will bill without telling you. I think the only service I’ve seen that warns you is Hulu, which is good as well if you want to catch up on television programming.

Exclusive Shows

Starz has the best shows outside of what HBO offers. I believe the networks are connected because a lot of the movies that show on HBO are also on Starz. However, the series shows on Starz include Power, American Gods, and the incredibly famous Outlander. By telling of these great shows, I mean there is something for everyone. The shows are diverse and the story telling is fantastic. It’s a great network with the mobile outlet serving as an amazingly great platform.


I mentioned before how I use Starz while working out. The app really does make time go faster while working out, especially doing cardiovascular. If you’re like me, watching something while doing something makes the time fly by. It draws your attention away from what just might be an unpleasant experience. In Uber, I used it to take away the time but relied on my cellular data because I couldn’t get wireless. That may be the one drawback of Starz: the data it sucks out of your plan because of the heavy data involved in streaming. But every network app would have the same problem.

Starz Alternatives

Although Starz is a great network that delivers a solid entertainment app, it is not the only one. Let’s have a look at a couple of worthy alternatives that are also available for both Android & iOS but do not require a cable tv provider subscription.

One of the best apps like Starz, is a relatively new app called Tubi TV.
What makes Tubi TV a little different from most streaming providers, is that it is 100% free, and entirely supported by commercials.
The best part is, that with Tubi TV the commercial breaks are far less than what you’re used to from traditional cable tv. All while having access to pretty much all the great new TV series,  and Blockbuster movies.
You should give it a whirl and download the Tubi TV app. It’s free, you’ve got nothing to lose, and I think you’re going to love it

Another great alternative for Starz, is Spectrum TV. 
Although this one sadly requires you to be a Spectrum internet customer, it does offer a great deal. You can compare it with a traditional cable subscription, but instead of it costing you hundreds of dollar yearly, you pay a flat fee of $14.99/mo and that is it.

You get access to all the great movies & Tv shows, up-to-date content and the ability to watch Spectrum TV on pretty much any device with a screen that you have at home.
If you’re a Spectrum customer, download the Spectrum TV app, and enjoy cable TV knowing you’ve just saved a hudred+ bucks.


Starz is a fantastic network and now that it is for mobile devices, the network just became more expansive and better. Download Starz for the best in movies and series shows. You won’t regret it as you can watch it whenever and wherever. The price of the app is affordable after the free trial and you don’t have a contract either. You can cancel the subscription at any time. Get prepared for great movies and great shows such as Power and American Gods. You will be streaming these programs with great clarity and no drop outs or buffering ever.

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