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The Weather Channel

There are probably not many of you who don’t yet know The Weather Channel app. It’s my favorite weather app besides Dark Sky.

I don’t keep The Weather Channel app because I think that dark Sky isn’t accurate enough, but because in my mind The Weather Channel still is like the biggest authority on weather.

So especially when I travel, I always check both apps for forecasts and weather alerts. Plus, a lot of my friends in the states actually told me that nothing beats the hurricane alerts from TWC.

Many of those friends actually live in areas with regular Hurricanes, so I figure they must know best.

Since then I always keep TWC app on my phone as well, and honestly what could be wrong about having more information? Right, nothing! 🙂

The Weather Channel Review

Being able to have The Weather Channel in your pocket at all times is a Godsend for a lot of people, especially those who travel or commute long distances for work or to attend class.

There are so many times the weather can significantly impact the agenda for your day. Don’t get caught without your umbrella, or appropriate attire for the weather by missing another weather forecast.

The weather alert feature on The Weather Channel app is so helpful for situations when the weather could turn at any moment. Having the ability to keep severe weather notifications coming through can be the result of life or death in some situations, so this feature alone helps to earn it a high rating!

Save Multiple Cities For Easy Weather Updates

There are many reasons why people become frequent travelers. One of the leading causes of constant travel is because of an individuals job. There are many positions one can hold that would require them to travel all over the world at times.

The Weather Channel app lets you save as many cities across the globe as you need to, so you are never out of the loop with the weather. Each location will receive their specific weather alerts, so your weather statements are always easily found by location.

Easily add multiple cities to your favorites

Being able to check on the weather in a city you are flying to is helpful for staying ahead of any delays that might occur due to inclement weather.

Keep Updated On International Weather With Videos And Broadcasts

There is more to see than weather radar and temperatures when you download The Weather Channel app on your tablet or smartphone. You can also browse through a library of videos and news broadcasts relating to various weather events happening across the globe.

Anything available for viewing on the weather channels station is also made viewable on their website and mobile app as well, so you will never be out of the loop, even if you cannot get to a television.

The “Video” tab shows all the current weather news & more.

Useful Planning Tool

You can use The Weather Channel app for a lot of things, but one of the most helpful ways one can use the app is for a planning tool.
Search through the cities in which you will be traveling to, to find out what the weather is going to be like when you arrive.

Look at the radar for the day and skip to the future setting to see if your afternoon involves a rainstorm or sunny skies.
Parents can even use the tool to figure out what their children will need to wear to school to be comfortable for the week, or if their soccer practice is going to get rained out again.

No matter what one’s lifestyle might look like, The Weather Channel app is a useful tool to have on hand when planning one’s activities for the week.


There isn’t much to be said about The Weather Channel app that paints it in a negative light. Crucial weather alerts are always coming through in a timely fashion, and the radar feature displays clean and smooth animation.

The app itself is easy to navigate and simple to understand for even the least savvy of technology users, which is a bonus in itself.

The only possible con one might find with The Weather Channel app, is that at times you will scroll through the screen and a video will start to play. It is not always clear where the sound is coming from, so at times it is difficult to find the one that is playing to make it stop.

With this being the only gripe, however, The Weather Channel app is highly recommended and I find it is one of the best Weather apps out there.

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