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Toon Blast

I have to say, I came a long way with games like Candy Crush, Toy Blast and so forth.

Not so long ago, I distinctly remember asking my wife how she could play these “silly games”. I never actually played one of them, and just judged the games by looking at the childish graphics.

Big mistake on my end, not only was the wife rather not amused but also it turns out these games are actually quite fun and a great time killer! 🙂

Match three+ style games have an increasingly popular presence in the app store, and games like Toon Blast make their success seem obvious.

The simple mechanics and increasing challenge of typical matching games are ever present in Toon Blast, but the comedic cartoon characters and the storyline following them makes the game addicting and hard to put down.

Bright colors and furry animal figures make this game a winner with children as well. So, if you are looking for a game to keep your little ones distracted, then you might consider going to the play store to download Toon Blast, right after finishing this review, of course.

Toon Blast Review

Great For Keeping The Kids Busy

One of the best parts of possessing a decent game on your phone or tablet is having the ability to pass it to your kids for a little while if you need them to stay focused.

By creating playful animal characters and brightly colored scenes and game elements, the creators at Peak Games have thought of everything to keep children entertained. Not only do they love the characters, but kids can easily handle the simple mechanics and motions it takes to complete objectives in Toon Blast.

There is also nothing in the game that could be considered a negative influence for kids. The graphics are absolutely safe even for younger kids and they enjoy the colorful action on the screen.

Increasing Difficulty Saves From Boredom

As any good matching game should, Toon Blast progresses nicely through thousands of unique levels each with individual challenges and goals to complete.

The farther up the road you travel in Toon Blast, the more difficult the challenges become in each level of the game. Some matches require you to reach a specific number of points before you can move forward, or others will need you to collect different items intricately stashed away on the game board.

Whether you are a grade school student or an executive in an office setting, you are sure to enjoy the challenges that face you in a round of Toon Blast! But, be careful; If you fail a trial too many times, you might have a significant wait before you can make another attempt.

Team Up With Your Friends

Unlike many other games of a similar style, Toon Blast has a feature that allows players to connect with their friends on social media and invite them to a friendly round, all while talking through the built-in chat feature.

It is simple to connect your Toon Blast account to various social network sites, so it is likely there will always be somebody on the app to invite to a quick match.

There are even some items in the game which are only accessible if you complete challenges with friends. For example, you might be missing a specific upgrade which is usually procured from a team chest. Invite your friend to play Toon Blast with you for a chance to open up one of these treasures.

In-App Purchases

This is one of the only drawbacks in the game, if you can really call it that.

By now it’s really pretty standard for games, especially free ones, to include optional in-app purchases that will give you the opportunity to progress faster in the game.

Also, it should be clear that a developer creating a game should be allowed to monetize it in a proper fashion.

But my gripe with Toon Blasts in-app store is more regarding the pricing structure they chose. The purchases range from $1.99 to $99.99, a game that attracts minors should not be allowed to tempt players in such an obvious fashion, to make purchases that can quickly become very costly.

On the other hand, every parent is obviously responsible for the actions of their own kids, but there are many people who aren’t super interested in technology, and have no idea that it’s even possible for their kids to quickly buy 10 Champion Bundles for $999.99.


The final thoughts on Toon Blast are pretty clear from my end; It is a beautifully produced matching game that is ready to keep any challenger on their toes. Both children and adults alike will enjoy playing through the thousands of levels of matching challenges and collecting the various scenes performed by the critter characters.

One of the only cons to be found with Toon Blast is having to wait for lives to build up before you can progress. If you happen to be stuck on a certain level and keep running out of moves, you will eventually spend all of your lives and energy up.

At this point, be sure to not make in-app purchases in a hasty manner, think it through and buy it if you really want it. As a parent, make sure you disable in-app purchases.

Other than the above, and having to practice a bit of patience, Toon Blast is a beautiful time-killing application that is sure to keep any level or age of gamer entertained.

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Toon Blast
Toon Blast
Developer: Peak
Price: Free+
Toon Blast
Toon Blast
Developer: Peak Games
Price: Free+
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