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Wordscapes is one of those addicting apps from which you cannot seem to walk away! The background images are stunning and relaxing to look at, and the word categories are both challenging and well thought out. The categories of words, often also coincide with the pictures in the background which makes gameplay really immersive.

I’ve developed a real knack for this type of game and enjoy the competitive & challenging side of word games. I often find myself in bantering chats with my opponents and have made some really cool friendships playing word connecting games.

My wife, on the other hand, finds it really relaxing and loves to play in silence while having a glass of good vino.

Word games offer different play-styles for different personality types, and I think this is what makes it such a popular category in the games section of both iTunes & Google Play.

Wordscapes Review

The Wordscapes app does things a little different than many of the other word games by not giving you hints to what a word on the cross puzzle is. But instead, players will only have six letters to use to fill up the designated spaces on the board.

There is no time limit on solving the words so you can come up with as many words as you can imagine. Any words with three or more letters you can create that are not on the board will go toward a bonus at the end of the match!

The Possibilities Are Endless, Almost!

All of the word puzzles in Wordscapes have varying amounts of words to find. However, as long as you can make a word with three or more letters, it will count toward your points total in the end.

You might think it could be challenging to do a crossword puzzle with no clues, and although you may be right, having only six letters to choose from takes the edge off a bit.

There are also words which will show up on a different part of the game board and do not intersect with other words. Those words will be noted with a star and finding the mystery word will give you another points boost.

Earn Coins For Upgrades

You might be wondering, what sort of upgrade would be available for a word cross game? With the exclusion of hints, it can sometimes be challenging to come up with the last few words on the more complex problems.

If you save up enough coins, which is simple to do, you can purchase various items in the match that will put in a letter where you need it, or fill in multiple letters depending on the upgrade you choose.

Daily Bonus Rounds

If you are struggling in the higher levels of the game, and have run out of the majority of your coins, then make sure to take part in the daily bonuses every day.

Each bonus will give you a unique puzzle to solve, and after the problem, you will receive a specific amount of coins or boxes with prizes. At times, your award for completion can be an item or two to help you get through the puzzles.

Wordscapes With Friends

This is an often requested, and sadly not yet implemented, feature among the “Wordscapers”.

Having the ability to chat with your opponents adds an extra layer of excitement and allows for building a list of favorite competitors. I have heard that PeopleFun, Inc is working on something, but there doesn’t seem to be any more info than this, yet.


Wordscapes is a great way to keep your mind sharp and work on your vocabulary skills. If you are looking for a game for you or your children to play that will have some productive value to it, you cannot go wrong by downloading Wordscapes.

There is really not much negative to be said about Wordscapes. The game is free to play, there are not many ads to get in your way and there is no time limit to complete the word puzzles.

Wordscapes can be improved by adding multi-player capabilities, but even without that it’s definitely a game I’m going to keep in my games folder.

If you have an affinity for word games, you shouldn’t walk past Wordscapes.

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Developer: PeopleFun
Price: Free+
Developer: PeopleFun, Inc.
Price: Free+
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